Autumn Colors / Honey Cowl Pattern

knitting the Honey Cowl

How I Knit This Cowl

This cowl was knit based on the Honey Cowl free pattern download found at the Ravelry website.

I used Madeline Tosh yarn in autumn rust and gold colors. Tosh Vintage “Firewood” and “Liquid Gold” were used as well as Tosh DK in “Brick Dust”. This pattern would be perfect for a de-stash project, using up bits of yarn in gradients or matching colors.

I chose the size 10 circular needle for a looser stitch, and I usually have to go up in needle size anyway. (The pattern calls for size 8.)

I varied the colors beginning and ending with ‘Firewood’. Stripes were done with ‘Brick Dust’, putting only a couple rows of Gold in the center of the two wide stripes.

Knitting the first and last rows creates a rolled edge. The stitch is very simple and done by slipping a stitch for one row and knitting the alternate rows. The stitch ends up looking like a chain, and is appealing even on the wrong side.

This is a great pattern for a beginner knitter!


This last photo shows the wrong side of the cowl, which has a nice bumpy texture.

My Notes on the Finished Project

The yarn is very nice, but I do love Malabrigo yarn and I think it is softer than the Mad Tosh. I have used both (in fingering weight) to knit a shawl recently, and the Malabrigo is definitely better.

Another type of yarn, like part cashmere would be nice too.

I would make the cowl longer so it’s not as tight around the neck. This free pattern (link at beginning of page) comes in two sizes and I chose the longer one. Next time I would add some stitches to the cast on.

4 thoughts on “Autumn Colors / Honey Cowl Pattern

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