The Bunny Hat Was Knit With Hand Spun Yarn

Variegated blue handspun yarn beanie

Just about a year ago I purchased two hanks of hand-spun yarn at Clarion Call Fiber Arts at Etsy. One of those hanks contained some bunny fur (angora), which made it feel so wonderful, and I finally decided what to use it for. A variegated yarn such as this is great for knitting a hat. Since I only had one skein, it came down to a cowl, hat or mittens and hats are favorite projects.

Bunny fur hat

How I Made This Hat

I did not follow a pattern and simply decided to knit a 2×2 rib. I wanted a wide cuff to roll up so I knit until the hat was about 10 inches tall before I began to decrease.

Knitting a ribbed beanie
I knit this hat to be quite long for a wide brim

I cast on 112 stitches using the Old Norwegian cast on and a size 6 US circular needle (16 in.). Then I began K2, P2 around. (I tend to be a tight knitter.)

I really had no idea how to correctly decrease a 2×2 rib. I decided on a SSK and K2tog side by side four times around – four decrease seams. So, 112 divided by 4 becomes 28. I placed a marker after 28 stitches around, with different marker for BOR. As I knit around, at each marker, including the BOR, I did a ssk, then a k2tog. With only a few stitches left on the needle, cut the yarn and draw through stitches to finish.

The crown ended up looking like this: I’m happy with it.

Decreasing a 2x2 rib hat, knitting
Crown showing decreases
Bunny hat crown showing decreases
Crown was knit with decreases in four places around.
Bunny fur ribbed hat

I’m very happy with the finished hat. A ribbed hat is easy to knit anywhere, at any time. When I lived in New Hampshire this is the type of hat I would grab whenever the wind was blowing and I needed good ear coverage. (I had to snow-blow my own driveway.)

This yarn was hand spun, which means it is truly unique. For me, that is the exciting part of knitting! I love to know where my yarn came from – whether is was sheep grazing in Norway, or a little bunny living in New York.

My other current project is a stranded colorwork pattern from the Hat’s On book. I am also using hand-spun yarn, but from another source. I’ll be blogging about this one later.

Turkish patterned cap

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