Super Quick Knit Gifts in Bulky Yarn

Winter morning ear warmers

If you are looking for something to knit up very quickly – like in a few hours time – consider this Winter Morning headband / ear-warmer pattern (link goes to Ravelry where you can download the pattern). Best of all, it’s a free pattern! With the holidays coming, lots of knitters look for quick gifts, and this one would be perfect for any teen, young adult or old lady! (I happen to be an old lady and I’m keeping that gray one for myself and giving the others to my daughter.)

This is how quickly the band can be knit… I finished up the gray one below, and added buttons, then I knit the pink one – all in one day! Here they are drying flat after being hand-washed.

Drying two bulky knit headbands

Using Wool Addicts “Fire” bulky yarn in gray I knit an “easy” version of the Winter Morning and then finished it off with buttonholes and buttons. **Note here: making buttonholes was not necessary – they don’t have to be unbuttoned to put this on. I should have simply sewn the buttons on through both ends. Now I have to go back and close up the buttonholes because they look stupid – like holes! – when the band is stretched. Live and learn. Otherwise it came out cute and washed up nicely. (Buttons were purchased at Richland Street Yarns on Etsy.)

Buttons cable knit headband
Button ending

To avoid doing the provisional cast-on, and Kitchener stitch at the end, cast-on and bind-off the regular way and then sew on buttons, or stitch the ends together.

Previously I had made this ear-warmer in the pink “cosmopolitan” color only (Mad Tosh yarn) and it wasn’t really bulky enough. See it on my previous post. So this time I held two strands of Madelinetosh A.S.A.P. together and it came out nice and chunky. Colors (below) used are “Cosmopolitan” and “Yoko” and I think they are both discontinued.

Bulky knit cable headband
Soft and bulky

The ASAP yarn washed nicely. Because of the bulkiness this headband took over two days to dry completely. I washed it by hand, but the yarn is Superwash merino, so if it’s put into a mesh bag and washed with clothing, it should hold up.

Bulky hand knit headband
Fast knit

Well, they say that practice makes perfect, and after doing the Kitchener stitch a few times on recent projects (Playdate baby sweater), it no longer frightens me. My recent attempt was on this headband, and as you can see in the photo below, it looks okay. Where is the seam you ask? I love it… haha…

Double yarn knitted bulky headband
Did the Kitchener here, can you tell?

Quick Christmas Knits – Ideas for using bulky yarn

All this yarn is very nice and because of the bulkiness it knits up quickly. Best of all it is machine washable so gifting to non-hand-washers is okay. I’m thinking a cowl or hat wouldn’t take all that long to knit. Here are some I found posted at Ravelry.

Or make up your own pattern like I did with my bulky Rasta hat and scarf.

Happy gift / holiday knitting!

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