Moon sisters shawl finished

Knitting The Moon Sisters Shawl Pattern in Orange

I purchased the Moon Sisters shawl pattern in June 2019 (and finished June 2020! – see the end of this post for the update). This triangle shawl is knit by holding two fingering weight yarns together except for the middle section where the yarns are separated to create a pattern. The cast-on for the shawl […]

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Dewdrops shawl

Finished Knitting Photography of My Dewdrops Shawl

Just a quick post to show my finished photos of the Dewdrops shawl. I began knitting the peach -colored triangle section a few months ago. (See my cast on post here.) I loved the yarn (Emma’s Yarn) so much that I then had to wait for the Four Purls yarn truck to visit my area […]

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Emma's Yarn colors

Emma’s Yarn Colors Gatsby and Farmer’s Market

Whenever I buy yarn it’s a guess as to how it will look once knit up. Unless I am working with a solid color it really is a crap shoot with speckled and variegated yarns. Below is my photo of some beautiful yarn purchased from Four Purls. The central Florida yarn store has a yarn […]

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Four Purls yarn truck

Visiting the Four Purls Yarn Truck

A few months ago I visited the Four Purls Yarn Truck for the first time. I bought lots of wonderful yarn and learned a little about their store and the family behind it. Both daughters of the owners do their own hand-dying to create some beautiful hanks of yarn. It’s a family run store. I’ve […]

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