Buying Yarn in Central Florida

hand dyed yarn in Florida

Although I live in a busy area, craft stores, and in particular, yarn stores, are scarce. Sure there is a Michaels in Daytona, but who wants to go there? And they sell mostly synthetic yarn I think. New Smyrna Beach is a very built up area and there is nothing here. We did just recently (end of last year) have a new yarn store, She Sells Yarn, open up north in Ormond. That is not too far away, but still a drive on busy roads. I do plan to visit the store one day.

Bright lime green fingering weight yarn.  "Just Add Salt" by Emma's Yarn

The largest yarn store in Central Florida is Four Purls and it is located in Winter Haven. BUT…and this is cool… they have a yarn truck which they drive all over to visit areas like mine to sell their goods. Every few months (except in summer) they travel the 2 hours it takes to get to New Smyrna and set up on the grass behind “Hottie Coffee” just off Route 1. What a great idea!

I’m so glad they do this, and I missed the truck’s visit in October because I was in New Hampshire. Happily, I made it to the truck to shop on their latest trek. Sure enough, there was beautiful yarn everywhere. I was so excited that I forgot to take truck photos for my blog! (But I got some in April when the truck returned). I did spend lots of money on some pretty yarn.

The owner explained to me that Emma’s Yarn was hand-dyed by her daughters, and the tables were full of Emma’s Yarn. I have begun the Dewdrops shawl using the color “Main Squeeze”, and it is pretty, made of merino and silk. The yarn containing silk is very soft and I do love it. Shortly after I began knitting the shawl, I realized I wanted a denim blue color for the edge. I’ll pick that up on their next truck trek to my area.

Emma's Yarn skeins purchased from the Four Purls yarn store when the truck visited my area.
Yarn from Four Purls yarn truck – Main Squeeze is on the pink one.

Four Purls also sells yarn online, but it’s fun to see the yarn in person. They come back this way in April and I see myself spending money on lots of new yarn that day! And I will take photos….!

Yellow and green skeins of Emma's yarn from the Four Purls yarn shop truck.
Emma’s yarn in bright green and yellow

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