Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie in Dutch Oven

pot pie

Pot pies are delicious and certainly one of my favorite foods.  They tend to be filled with calories, and that is the only reason I don’t eat them more often.

My new Dutch Oven Obsession cookbook contains a recipe which I followed (somewhat) to create the pot pie pictured here.

I used a lot less chicken, only about a cup, and there recipe called for 6 cups.  My favorite meals have more vegetables than meat.   After lots of chopping of the carrots, celery, onions, and herbs from the garden, and boiling the frozen peas, I was ready to create the sauce.  Then it was mixed together and a crust was added to the top.  

I always buy my dough for crust because it’s good, and I don’t want to spend the time to make my own.

pot pie filling
Sauce and vegetable filling

This would have been perfect with mushrooms, which the recipe calls for, but I didn’t have any.  The sauce turned out nice and thick.

Putting the pie crust on was not as difficult as I imagined.  A fork was used to push down the edges to make the outer crust.  Because it all fit down inside the pan, there was no bubbling over to make a mess.  Once it was assembled it was baked in the oven, uncovered.

pot pie
Digging in….

Making my own food is important in keeping excess salt from my diet.  I used unsalted butter, and fresh or frozen vegetables in this recipe.  It’s one of the wonderful aspects of cooking for yourself:  control of what is added.  I also changed the recipe to suit myself.  I didn’t have leeks or mushrooms, and I added potatoes and peas.

chicken pot pie
Pot Pie Goodness

I’m just starting to use the recipes from this book and there are many more I’d like to try.

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