An Afternoon at The Peterborough Farmer’s Market

cat in sink

Enough Lounging Around… Get to The Farmer’s Market

I wish I had a picture of the Peterborough (NH) Farmer’s Market, but I don’t. Instead I decided to show a picture of my cat lounging in the sink with a message to get out and support the local farmers.

It was a beautiful, sunny and coolish, day yesterday which was perfect for strolling the market. My neighbor had called me and mentioned going so we traveled there together. I am somewhat of a regular, but she hadn’t been. She wanted some goat milk soap, and I knew just the person to buy it from! One of my favorite venders is Rebecca of Holland Homestead farm. I first got to know her when I saw her plumeria scented soap and she mentioned that she had sold a bunch of it as wedding favors. Since I run a beach / tropical wedding site, we got to talking about that idea. I purchased some of the plumeria soap with good intentions of writing about it on my Sandpiper Wedding site, which I have still not done (sorry Rebecca!). But I still plan to do it!

Anyway, she sells awesome granola, and the super fresh eggs (the yolks are so yellow), and other lovely things, but most of all she is friendly and fun to talk with. I wanted to treat myself to a piece of her goat milk fudge, but she didn’t have any with her. She sells her things online too so check out the Holland Homestead site.

I came across a vender who knits the most beautiful sweaters. I hadn’t seen her at the market before yesterday, but I don’t go every week. Her business is Buddy Sweaters, and the photos at the website don’t do those garments justice. In person, they are absolutely lovely. The long, coat sweaters were my favorite, and the children’s things were very sweet. As someone who only knits scarves, I truly appreciated all the work that goes into her craft. And the fine yarns she uses would make any of the garments costly, what with all the skeins she must go through, plus the time it takes to create any one item. That must be taken into consideration when looking at the prices. And plus you’ll have a one of a kind, unique, handmade fashion accessory!

Another of my favorite stands sells garlic, onions, and delicious greens, among other things. Yesterday he didn’t have any greens, but I bought a container of his homemade hummus. I picked up some chard instead at another vender’s area.

I came across a jewelry maker, who looked familiar. I knew I had seen her at another time and as I was saying that to her, she said, “Yes, I see you are wearing my earrings” and sure enough, I was. Find her online at Good Gaud Designs.

Then we met Sue Henley at her calligraphy table, where she had hand-written quotes on cards and stationery. We got to talking about her wedding calligraphy and I had to mention her here in case any locals (to Keene and the Peterborough area) are interested. You can contact her through the NH made site: at Calligraphy Write From the Heart.

I also bought a loaf of cinnamon bread, and regularly I purchase coffee beans from Parker House Coffee, which is located in Greenfield.   Everything is delicious and fresh, and I always enjoy my myself, even if I go alone.

The Peterborough farmer’s market is open year round and sets up on the lawn outside the Community Center on Elm Street (right off Rt.202 after the lights in Peterborough, but before the Shaws / CVS).   In October they move indoors. If the weather is especially bad in summer, they will cancel. I went by one Wednesday when it was raining and no one was there. Apparently they can’t use the inside facility in case of bad weather. But according to Rebecca, that doesn’t happen often.

I fully believe in supporting the local farmers and growers, and any of the Farmer’s Markets give all of us the perfect opportunity to do so.

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