An Afternoon at The Peterborough Farmer’s Market

I wish I had a picture of the Peterborough (NH) Farmer’s Market, but I don’t. Instead I decided to show a picture of my cat lounging in the sink with a message to get out and support the local farmers. It was a beautiful, sunny and coolish, day yesterday which was perfect for strolling the […]

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My Rock By The Lake

All my life I’ve chosen “favorite spots” to go to when I need a break or to be rejuvenated. A place that is quiet and peaceful where I can take time to think or not think. My latest spot is this rock by the lake. Except for the summer months, there is no one around […]

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fall season photography

Our Lake’s Seaplane

Since it doesn’t really go in the sea, I’m not sure what to call this little plane, but the guy who flies it seems to have a great time. From what I can tell, this house sits empty most of the year, like many of them around the lake near my place. They are small […]

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