What Does Your Life Path Look Like?

rocky trail through the woods

rocky mountain path

Without getting too depressing here, this rocky trail photo resembles my life path. And notice it goes up a steep hill, with no end in sight.

So what does your life path look like? Do you ever stop and wonder if you had the chance to choose, way back when, would you have continued on, or not. Most people would say, yes. Life is hard, but it’s worth it (as the song goes).

tree-lined road in summer
Maybe your life is more like an easy-to-navigate, country road. Flat, straight and peaceful. We all have our ups and downs and normal sadness in life, but for many, those things are just temporary bumps, and then it’s back to the good stuff. Moving on, accomplishing goals, and doing well.

Trail & Trail Marker

Wooded Trail

May your path be interesting and manageable at the least. And never give up. If you are breathing, you have a purpose, although it may be hidden from view. A cure for that disease may be just around the corner. A financial windfall could surprise the heck out of you. And there still may be love in your future. No one knows where their path leads, so keep walking. The journey will end one day, and today I am thankful for that.

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