My New Wood Shed

wood shed

Keeping My Firewood Dry

All of us who burn wood over the winter months to keep the high cost of heating oil at a minimum, must begin gathering and stacking it long before the snow flies. This winter my wood will be stored in my new wood shed.
For me, fire wood is gathered during the summer when my son visits and uses my chain saw to cut up trees. He does what he can during his visit and my other son then splits it for me during the rest of the summer. I do all of the stacking. Up until this year, I’ve stacked the fire wood on wooden pallets along the side of the house, and then covered the wood with flimsy tarps to keep the snow off.
That hasn’t worked so well. We get lots of snow here, and the wood ends up buried. With melting and re-freezing, pretty soon the wood is tough to get to. Also, unless I keep a path dug, it’s hard to even get to the wood to bring inside and burn. Usually I give up and end up leaving much of it to re-stack for the next year when I could be using it to heat my house.
So I splurged and hired my contractor to build me a nice, dry wood shed.   I know nothing about wood sheds, so I left the design up to him.  I love it! My yard is small, but this thing is worth having. All my wood will be easy to access during the winter months.  One side is open and the roof is metal, so the snow should slide off to the side of the yard.  This will be so much better than dealing with tarps!

He also replaced a window in my garage with a door, so now I can easily get to the back yard which is only steps from the shed.  With a minimum amount of shoveling, I can access the stacks of wood in there.  I also used this shed to store my gardening stuff over the summer.  It was very convenient.  This picture was taken a while ago.  The shed is now full of dried fire wood.  Bring on the snow – but not too soon, please.

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