So There. Good-Bye

black cat


Yes, I am out of things to write about. This blog is getting boring for me. I haven’t been out to get photos and the ones I did get are still in the camera.

This picture of my cat, Skittle, shows her sleeping up on the bookcase with her tongue hanging out. I see her doing this all the time. She will sit on the desk with her tongue out and of course my camera is no where around, but this time I found it and got a good picture.

It’s how I feel. Where is the incentive to write when this blog gets so view visits. It’s no wonder, but when is the time to say “enough!”
I think it has come.

People want to read about interesting and exciting things and no such thing happens in my life.
I am at the point in my work where I am too busy to write bland posts about nothing. My time is better spent designing and writing about what I sell. And I have plenty of places to do that.
This blog has no use, so it’s time to say good bye.

Maybe, God willing, I will one day have a life to write about. But unless that day comes, I will not be wasting your time or mine.

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