On The Table

table setting

A Special Meal

My daughter and her family were coming for dinner one weekend and I snapped this photo after I began setting the table. My neighbor had given me those little lavender flowers and I wanted a photo of them.

My daughter has a hyper-active dog. She is mid-size and looks a lot like a black lab and she is very naughty- at times.

On this particular day I had made cornbread to go with our meal. It was on the kitchen counter and the dog helped herself to it while we sat on the porch talking.

Back in April she did the same thing at my daughter’s house with her birthday cheesecake that I had spent good time making!

We ate our meal without any cornbread.

2 thoughts on “On The Table

  1. swisstoons

    Hyperactive, eh? Well, you should have something to look forward to if you all get together on Thanksgiving. Turkey is loaded with tryptophan…which is a natural sleep-inducer. At least that should calm her down a bit.


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