A Nasty Election, And I’m Not Talking About The Candidates

voting day in a small town

voting day in a small town (Photo credit: Muffet)

I will be voting in a small town this Tuesday. We don’t have fancy machines, just a pen or pencil and paper. No matter what time of day I go, it will probably be busy. I doubt that we’ll know who won for many days or even weeks afterward. With voting problems becoming worse each election cycle, and now the storm that has created such havoc, too much is in the way of a fast count and immediate outcome.  I hope I’m wrong.  I want this to be done.

Today this happened.

I am not a big fan of Face Book, but I use it to advertise.  These days social media is important at least for that.  I suppose it’s easy to see which side of the political race I support even though I don’t have my page filled with my favorite candidates name.  Although I can’t find any sane reason why anyone would vote for “the other guy”, I respect their right to do so.

But, tell me this, why would anyone – especially someone I don’t know very well – come to my FB page and leave an endorsement for the other candidate?  Posted right on my wall, just like I put it there myself.  All I can think of is just to be nasty.  I will just delete it, don’t you know, and I have.  But what was the point?  Did she score some points for her candidate, or did she just point out how divided we are this time around?   I am respectful of the fact that we all see things differently.  Her post, on my wall, will not change what I think, except that my opinion of those on “the other side” just keeps getting lower.  The ones who shout the loudest about being tolerant, are the least tolerant of all.

This election is really showing the great divide in this country, but we are all Americans, all people, and we will all have to live together with whoever wins, running this place – however he sees fit.

Hopefully you know what you believe and you won’t vote for a candidate just because all of your friends will.  Hopefully you are informed – by various media sources – and not just by watching the “fluff” nightly news, or Jon Stewart.

We are bombarded enough with commercials and phone calls.  I don’t need acquaintances causing me grief.

Let’s end this thing.  VOTE on Tuesday – that is when you’ll have your biggest say.

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