The Tomatoes Are Planted

little tomato plants

Ready to plant tomatoes

I stopped at Tenney Farm the other day and picked up some tomato plants. I knew that planting time would be upon me soon and I didn’t want to be without anything to add to the garden.
I bought Early Girl, Big Boy and Cherry, Grape and some sort of Roma.
The trouble I am having this year is that everything has to be done at once. Digging the gardens is the most time consuming thing and I had to have loam / garden dirt delivered to add to the vegetable garden area. I’ve also been watching the sun to see where I get it the longest so the tomatoes could be planted there.
Last year I spent most of the end of summer removing the blackberry bushes that had taken over the back right where I wanted to plant my garden. That was a nasty job but at least that part was done. This spring I’ve spent digging, buying soil amendments and lugging dirt. I still don’t know if the dirt will be good enough to give me some tomatoes, but I am hoping.
It might be too early, but the weather for the week will be warm so I planted the tomatoes last Saturday and then finished up yesterday with basil and marigolds. I also built some mounds for my zucchini, summer squash and cukes. The peas were planted a while ago but haven’t grown much yet. I am out of room, but I might get to add some beans if I can find space – maybe along the side of the deck.
I’ve noticed that I have one big sunny spot out front. I might have to turn that area into my garden spot.

4 thoughts on “The Tomatoes Are Planted

  1. swisstoons

    Looking forward to some pics of your garden as it matures. Did you get rid of all the blackberries? They’re pretty good, too.


    1. Dustytoes

      I despise blackberries – mostly because they have thorny stems that filled me full of holes! Oh yes, some are left – unfortunately..! I do have raspberries also, which I love and won’t pull out.


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