Pictures of the Manor at Squam Lake, NH

During my one night stay at the Manor on Golden Pond in Holderness, New Hampshire, I took a few photos of the place. My daughter is planning to have her small wedding here.

I was so impressed with my room. The view (if you haven’t read my other page, see it here) was really nice and the weather cooperated with bright sunshine. I could see the mountains way off in the distance and watch boats skim by on our little section of Squam Lake.

Room with fireplace

The Windsor Room has a fireplace.

Some of the rooms have wood-burning fireplaces and mine did. I did not start a fire- that does not appeal to me after running my wood stove all winter! But my daughter and her sweetie had one in their room and said it was great.

I certainly did enjoy my big queen size bed which was the most comfortable bed I think I’ve ever slept in. And I loved that gorgeous view of the New Hampshire countryside. I could have stayed for a lot longer if time and money had allowed.

Tea and sandwiches

Tea is served at 4:00 each day.

Each afternoon tea and crumpets are served. Not really, but tea and little sandwiches are! I don’t know what a crumpet is so maybe it was also included.

The wait staff personnel are from England and their soothing accents make the place feel more authentic, like we had traveled overseas and not just an hour north of home.

dining room

The Dining Room

The food we had for dinner was absolutely wonderful. I was dealing with a squeamish stomach for some reason that weekend, but I was determined to eat! And I did. I had salmon and it was the best I’ve ever eaten anywhere. My daughter and her fiance enjoyed their meals as well.
The following morning we ate a delicious breakfast that was included with our stay.

bar or pub

The Pub

The little pub was deserted so we sat at the copper bar and had a drink while we waited for dinner service to begin.
It was a wonderful and peaceful stay at a lovely English Manor. None of us wanted to leave.

7 thoughts on “Pictures of the Manor at Squam Lake, NH

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  2. HollieT

    This looks lovely Dustytoes. As an English woman I can say that the tiny sandwiches served on platters with doyles is very traditional and very authentic. Looking at those pictures reminded me of visiting my nan years ago. She always cut the crust off the sandwiches and they were always served on some form of platter (usually pottery) that contained doyles. And my nan would never dream of having a cup of tea unless it was served in a China cup and saucer. The pub is very authentic too, just like a traditional British pub with the copper top tables etc.

    Btw, a crumpet is like a savory cake made from flower, milk and yeast. They look a bit like round sponges because they have holes through them. You toast them and spread lashings of butter of margarine on them (probably not great for the waist line) but they are gorgeous. There’s a recipe here for them: I hope you don’t mind me posting the link, just though that you might like to try them.

    And many congratulations to your daughter and her fiance. The wedding venue looks absolutely gorgeous! 🙂


    1. Dustytoes

      Hi Hollie,
      Thanks for all that good info and for the link – I don’t mind when a link is relevant, which yours is. I will check it out.
      Your interesting comment is welcome and I thank you for leaving it.


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  4. swisstoons

    Anyone who reads the account of your stay and peruses your beautiful photos is now got to be contemplating making the trip. If I owned the Manor, I think I’d seriously consider asking you back…on the house…for creating such an inviting online promotional brochure.


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