Pictures of Fall in Spring (Almost)

orange foliage

Tree in Fall with orange leaves

I know it is almost Spring, but there is just nothing to get photos of just yet. I searched my blog for “Fall” stuff, and couldn’t find anything! Why not? I live where the Fall season is usually stunning, but this past Fall I was busy moving into my new place and besides that, Fall was not very stunning. I hate to say it, but we missed out on some great color that we usually see. So, between being busy and not seeing any scenery that caught my eye, I didn’t get any photos. I guess that is why there are none up on my blog.

So I’ve added a shot I took when I lived near the lake in Antrim, New Hampshire (named after Antrim in Ireland – Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!!). I lived there for three Autumn seasons and every one provided glorious color so I took loads of photos. I’d walk the dirt roads and the narrow (and bumpy) lake road, and sometimes travel the Girl Scout Camp road – always on the lookout for bears! – and I usually took my camera with me, no matter what the season.

I have pictures of deer that I got just a week ago, but haven’t uploaded them yet, so please enjoy my Fall pics in Spring.

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