Our Local Lake (Sea) Plane

sea plane

Our Local "Sea" Plane in Antrim

Each year when the weather begins to warm and the ice on the lake melts (don’t have that problem this year!) the sound of the local “sea” plane fills our skies over Antrim, New Hampshire. I no longer live there, but I’m close enough that I will go back to take my son to swim in Gregg Lake and visit with our old friends, and most likely I will get to see the plane either take off or land on the lake. If not, I may hear it buzzing overhead.

I don’t know the man who owns the plane, but I’ve heard that he owns this little piece of land on the inlet that goes into the lake and that is where he keeps the plane in summer. For a short time one summer, I rented the house just beyond the one in the photo and the kids and I would see the plane passing by the cottage on it’s way to the lake for takeoff.

Shortly after I had moved to Antrim (the first time) I took my son and his friend up to the lake to swim and the plane come in for a landing! That was fun. The boys totally enjoyed it.

Gregg Lake is pretty small, so I imagine the plane owner can only take off and land when it’s not too busy with watercraft and fishermen.

This photo of the plane was taken in October 2008. For more pictures of fall from this area, check out my Fall Foliage Season post.

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