Our Living Christmas Ornament – Bad Kitty

Cat in the Christmas Tree

A Living Christmas Decoration

Our black cat, Skittle, ignored the Christmas tree while we were putting it up and hanging the decorations, but the next morning when I sat down to work at the computer which is in the same room as the tree, she began to climb up through the middle of it.

I sat watching it shake and dislodge some of the ornaments and the string of lights and all I could do was laugh. We knew she would climb it – and she did not disappoint. So now I am taking all the breakable ornaments off because when she jumps out -she doesn’t climb back down – she takes ornaments with her.

This is Skittle’s first Christmas with us and we suspected she’d want to climb the tree since she loves to be up high. It’s one of the reasons I don’t want her to go outside. All those trees to climb – and get stuck in!

Do you have your tree up? Any living ornaments on yours?
♦ Thanks to reader Les who told me about this cute You Tube video about a naughty kitty in a Christmas tree.. funny! See if you can relate to “Simon’s Cat

4 thoughts on “Our Living Christmas Ornament – Bad Kitty

  1. Les

    Knowing that your a cat person, as am I, makes this a must see for you. I usually don’t recommend to much on You Tube, but if you have a love for cats you need to look up “Simon’s Cat” on You Tube. They are short, a minute or two, cartoons that looks into the life of this cat. Very funny stuff, considering that they have one about a Christmas tree.


  2. LeAnn

    I’m so glad we’re not the only ones! Our orange maine coon cat will not stay out of the tree. I finally started putting ornaments four brances up from the bottom so he couldn’t swat at them. When we had two cats, one would stand guard while the other plundered the tree!


    1. Dustytoes

      Well my cat climbs up into the tree and then reaches out from the inside to swat at the ornaments. She also chews on the artificial needles and I leave the lights unplugged when she’s in there so she won’t get fried!


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