Relocating a Little Bat

This little bat was hanging out up in the eaves of my house and he had to be removed when the guys were doing the siding. One day when Brandon was here working, he asked me if he could hook up the hose to spray the eaves where he could hear squeaking. He said that they had just had to deal with bats at another job and spraying water made them leave.

It took a while – and I was inside, but the bat finally came out and was cold, so he put it in a box and brought it over to the sun in the driveway.  I felt bad for the poor little thing who had a nice place to sleep and suddenly he was sprayed with cold water!  But I can understand why the guys didn’t want to work with a bat in their faces.


Bat in the Driveway

The little guy crawled out and sat in the sun for about 20 minutes and then flew away. I was watching him from inside with my binoculars and he’d shake himself and flap his wings and then suddenly he flew off across the yard and into the woods next door.

I hope he finds a new place nearby to hang out. I like the idea of having bats around for bug control.

New siding – before and after.

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