The Last Big Move

Cutest house on the island

Image by kendura99 via Flickr

Although my motto is “never say never”, I am hoping that this was my last big move. I found a house I could afford on my meager resources and lo and behold, I was approved for it! The process was a long one – 3 months altogether (I think a house can be built in that time frame)- but it was worth the trouble because now I am once again a homeowner!  It feels so good. (NOTE: The house pictured IS NOT MINE.)

After being without the internet for about 2 weeks, it will feel good to be able to get back to my everyday blogging and Zazzle work, but first I must change my address with the many places who need the update, and I need to organize my office workspace.  Right now I am working off of a card table that jiggles with each word I type.  I am surrounded by unpacked boxes and a rolled up rug waiting to find a spot on the floor.  My bills are scattered over a desktop that I can barely see and fans are running to keep me cool.  Who has energy to do anything in this heat?

The heatwave began here in the northeast on the day I had the movers coming and I’ve been sweating ever since.  I am thankful for the shady trees in my yard, but even they couldn’t help cool us off yesterday when the temps were outrageous.  I do have one more move to make – emptying out the storage unit – but there is not a lot in there.  I’m hoping for cool days the end of next week.

So far:

  • the fridge was out of commission for 10 days
  • there was a mix up with the Comcast cable/phone/internet company which made me wait an extra 5 days for service
  • My Zazzle paycheck was 4 days late (due to address change)
  • The woodstove came with me and is stored in the garage- long story (Anyone need one?)
  •  My nice washer and dryer wouldn’t fit through the shed door by the basement so I can’t use them.
  • The locksmith cancelled at the last minute so I hope that I don’t lock myself out before he gets here next week.

Aside from all that, I need a new car and I have a list of fixes to make to the new house that must be done before winter.
But, it’s all good — I am a homeowner!!

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