Packing and Selling and Downsizing – Again

wooden shed with wreath

In 2005 I did a big move from Florida to New Hampshire. That was not fun. In 2007 I moved out of my nice house into a rental in Hopkinton. (Long, unhappy story) It was the beginning of my life as a renter again after 25 years of owning my own home. In 2008 I moved to a 3-story condo in Bennington – well almost. Almost all my things were moved into it, but then it flooded, from the top floor down, when a bathroom sprung a leak. It was unlivable and this was one week before I was to live there.

The property manager who was renting the place to me found me another temporary place (a small camp-type house with a composting toilet) where we lived for one month, but realizing that the water damage would take a long time to fix, I decided not to wait and ultimately found the duplex to rent where I have lived for the past three years.
Now I am moving into a home of my own and this move is a very happy one for me, but there is so much to take care of and lots more downsizing to do. My wood stove that sits in the basement here won’t fit in the small fireplace of my new place so I have to sell it.

I put up flyers in town, but truthfully I don’t think anyone wants to even think about winter and wood stoves at this time of year, so I have my doubts about selling it.

** The guy from the Heat is On stove shop was suppose to take my stove and put it up for consignment.  He came by my house but didn’t have the right vehicle to take the stove.  He and his friend left to get a van – and NEVER RETURNED.  They didn’t even call to tell me they had decided not to take it – nothing!  So he has lost a customer.  And I love to support the “little guy” and small business, but I will not be buying my next stove from him.

I have to go pack.

2 thoughts on “Packing and Selling and Downsizing – Again

  1. E. Baron

    This is great…I’m so happy for you. I know your wood stove will find a good home, and you’ll find a new, trusty stove, too. Downsizing is a little painful, but a really good process. It certainly makes you consider more carefully what’s truly meaningful to you, doesn’t it? Good luck with the packing!


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