The Shed Is Gone

One of the few things you can count on is the fact that life is always changing.  It changes more and faster for some people than for others, but change is inevitable.

I was looking at my banner on this page and remembering the old man who owned that little shed that is shown at the end of the road in my photo.  I only met him a couple of times and he was hard to talk to because he was very deaf, but the last time I spoke with him was on his birthday and he was 92 (I think he said).  Shortly after that he had some sort of medical problem and ended up in a nursing home and later died.  His little house went up for sale and was bought up quickly.

I never knew what that little shed was used for but it stood in a small grassy area with lots of blackberry bushes behind it and a bear once startled the neighbor kids when they were picking berries there for their mom.  One day when I was out walking I noticed that it was gone.  So the shed is gone and so is the man who owned it.

I’ve been renting in this area for almost three years and many of the houses on the road have changed hands.  My son’s best friends who lived at the Girl Scout Camp for one season left to go back to Tennessee and I’ve never met the new family who took over as caretakers.  Another family split up and lost their home and it’s now up for sale.  Two other very nice homes on the this dirt road have also sold.

Anyway, things are always changing and soon I won’t be living here any more.  I’ve taken lots of photos of the area in all seasons and it is a beautiful place, but I never felt like I belonged.  That is how renting makes me feel.  I will miss the lake and my walks in this wilderness, but I won’t miss the beach traffic of summer and the logging trucks in winter.  We will come back so my son can swim this summer with his friends and I’ll bring a bag to pick the blueberries that grow along the lake road.

We’ll have all the changes to deal with in moving to a new place like meeting the new neighbors and finding new places to take walks, but I am looking forward to those changes because I will once again be a home-owner and that is what I’ve been waiting a long time for.
Below is another picture of Russ’s shed that I took one foggy day.  It’s just a memory now.

2 thoughts on “The Shed Is Gone

  1. the island traveler

    Life is always changing. So true. I had relocated so many times, I stop counting. I may have to again in the next few months. I met some great people who became my friends and a few bad ones I wish I never new but life is also about chances, of making choices. I have a lot of wonderful memories that makes me appreciate the many changes in my life but just like you I never felt that I’m completely home, not for a long time atleast. I guess I kind of often associate home as the place you grow up and had your happiest memory but until I know where would destiny lead me again, I have to accept home as where my family is. My wife and I would sometimes talk about revisiting The places we had great memories in California or to the Philippines, and I think it’s just natural to be homesick and miss these places . The post you made is beautiful, heartfelt and gives us a chance to get to know you in a more personal way that everyone can relate. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to follow your posts. Have a fun Summer.


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