They Say That Spring Is Here

Although the calendar says that Spring is here, there are no signs of it in this yard. These pictures were taken on March 31st, the day before a foot of snow was predicted to hit. About 8 inches fell on April first, but it melted away quickly. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have to shovel. And of course the snow slid right off the metal roof so I had to shovel twice.

snow in spring

Spring is here they say.

The deck still has so much snow piled up around it that I can’t just push the snow off either. And the snow that is here is as hard as cement from all the melting and then re-hardening.

March 31st snow left in yard

Taken March 31, 2011

Sometime a month or so ago, the metal roof dropped it’s load of snow during the night and the next morning my son and I shoveled what we could off the deck. It was the “up and over” kind of shoveling and the snow was very heavy so we didn’t get it all. This clump is what is left. It is an icy chunk that just sits there and annoys me.
Now I wait to see how long this snow will be in my yard. I get very little sun on my side of the duplex, so when everyone else is seeing bare ground, I am still walking on an icy (or muddy- all the melting seems to come over here too) driveway.

Frozen pile of snow on the deck

This little pile came from the roof

Signs of Spring
The red-wing blackbirds are in my yard scrounging for seed
The lake is partially melted and the water is low waiting to be filled by the snow’s melting runoff.
It was just Maple Syrup (Visit a Sugar Shack) weekend.


One thought on “They Say That Spring Is Here

  1. Kathryn

    Wow! You’ve still got so much snow. We also got about 8 inches that hung around a while, but then we had a week of warmer weather that melted almost all the stuff in the valley, there is still a lot of snow on the northface of the mountain.

    Hope warmer weather shows up for you before long. 🙂


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