Walking By The Lake in “Spring”


I’ve begun walking each afternoon just before the bus comes.  It is officially Spring, but you wouldn’t know it by the cold 30 and 40 degree temps we’ve been having. Since I have to drive the 1/4 mile to the bus stop each day anyway, I decided I’d go early and walk for about an hour or so around the lake.  Our road is too muddy for easy walking, and the road around the lake is paved.

Working online keeps me sitting for too long each day, and even though I try to get up and do something each hour or so, all I end up doing is checking on the fire, laundry, or washing dishes.  Not exactly good cardio moves.

The weather has been quite cold for this time of year and we have been getting snow showers off and on over the past couple of days.  It’s always windy at the lake so I’ve been dressing warmly with a hat especially, and other than my face feeling numb by the end of my walk, it’s pretty pleasant.  I enjoy walking this time of year because the houses are mostly empty.  Only about 2 or 3 of the 20 or so houses around this side of the lake are occupied year round so it’s quiet and peaceful.  And on the colder days almost no one goes out walking. On nice days, people from town drive up and park to walk their dogs

The lake is covered in ice and snow, but the bob houses have been removed and in certain areas along the road that get lots of sun, I can see the ground!  Yesterday I saw an otter (?) cross over the bridge as I was getting out of my car and then I caught sight of my favorite type of duck – a Hooded Merganzer (like the one in the picture) – as I was heading back. There are a few areas of melted ice for them to swim and he was near the bridge where the water is moving.

I’ve only walked a couple of days but already feel better.   Maybe it is only in my head, but the fresh air is refreshing and I figure that as long as I can walk, I will.  Soon the lucky people who actually own two homes, will be coming back to enjoy their summer by the lake and traffic will pick up and it won’t be a nice peaceful walk any longer.  I am grateful for the beautiful place where I live and the time I can spend enjoying it.

One thought on “Walking By The Lake in “Spring”

  1. Swisstoons

    How I wish I had a lake to walk around! An hour, eh? Sounds like about a 4-5 mile trek; 3 miles if you’re taking your camera. I may not have a lake, but I’m happy to have the Narrow Road Blog to return to periodically so I can enjoy the sights and the “feel” of New England country life vicariously through your lens and your words.


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