Pink Peonies and Other Flowers From Long Ago

Pink peony

Remember Flowers?

Pink peonies make me happy. Even if I can only view this picture and it seems like I will never see a flower again. It seems long ago that the yard was blooming and the grass was green, and this ugly time of year always makes me feel this way. Today is gloomy and raining. The cat is bored and goes in and out every five minutes, so he is now locked in the basement. When I look outside (I try not to), I see dirty snow that is covered with old sunflower seed hulls and a messy deck that is worse for the winter wear. I see gray skies and bare, wet trees and of course the mud.
I’ve been trying to get some work done today, but the cat caught a bird this morning and that put me in a bad mood and this gloom hasn’t helped.
So I thought it was time to view some happy flowers. Do you need some sunny thoughts of summer? (Forget Spring) Then I hope my flower photos give you a smile.
Pink Tulip Garden Postcards postcardHydrangea and Lily postcardPartiotic Garden postcardRed Coneflower postcardBlue Columbine Postcard postcardBig Sunflower postcard

4 thoughts on “Pink Peonies and Other Flowers From Long Ago

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  3. Max

    What stunning flowers! Living in Australia, we only get to see them in florits for about 2 months of the year. One true seasonal flower.


  4. Swisstoons

    I don’t know a lot about flowers, but my folks did grow them in our backyard Garden of Eden when I was a little kid. Only thing I remember about peonies is that they require ants to pollinate them. And now you’ve reminded me that they are also BEAUTIFUL!


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