Our DIY Christmas Village

painted ceramic house in a christmas village

Painted Ceramic Village Home

The Christmas village was set up; the tree was trimmed; the gifts were delivered and illness struck for Christmas day. My daughter was sick for Christmas (and is still sick) with the flu which meant my son and I celebrated alone. She certainly didn’t want to make the hour drive to my place, and we didn’t want her germs. So the tree will stay up with the gifts under it until she gets better and can come get them. I’ve read and heard that the flu is affecting many people and it’s too bad that it has to ruin a special day, but it seems like that is always what happens.
A week before Christmas, the kids were together and set up our old ceramic village. The kids and I painted these houses, church and toy store many years ago and I hadn’t set them up in years. It was a very inexpensive way to have a scenic village since we bought the houses at the craft store along with the paints and then used our imaginations to make them colorful. One of my favorites is the one at the top with the little old car in the garage.

(Want to paint your own Christmas village?  Read my page on how to do that and set up your own unique display.)

It’s always a challenge to get the people and animals to stand in the fluff, but when it’s lit up on a dark evening it does look pretty good. I’ll admit that I didn’t go nuts making it look perfect – because no one will really see it and I plan to take it down this week. When Christmas is over I am anxious to get all the decorations put away because I can reclaim what little space I have in this house.
I hope you had a great Christmas without any illness.

people skating in the miniature Christmas village

My daughter painted the barn in the background

toy store painted ceramic

Colorful Toy Store

5 thoughts on “Our DIY Christmas Village

  1. killlashandra

    Well I hope she is better by now and Christmas all fulfilled. 🙂 I’m just glad it is over with. No sickness for a change, guess everyone got it out of their system in November. LOL

    Cute pictures. 🙂


  2. flandrumhill

    I love the lit toy store and the people skating. A manger is the closest I get to creating such a Christmassy scene. My family was down with the flu over Christmas too. I work with young children in a preschool setting so there are plenty of germs to go around at this time of year. Hope you’re all feeling better soon. Happy New Year!


  3. E. Baron

    It’s beautiful! You’re so creative. It reminded me of making a nativity set with my son, many years ago, from fimo clay. Very funny wise men, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and crazy animals. It was a treasure — still is. Handmade things bring so much into our lives, especially the memories. I hope your Christmas was a joyful one. Happy New Year!


  4. sharon Lovejoy

    Love your little village even more because of all the memories it evokes for you (and us).

    Hope your daughter is soon well and can journey to Christmas and memories.

    Love and best wishes for a joyous new year,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  5. Swisstoons

    This little village looks like a terrific place to return home to for the holidays. The snowdrift seen between the house and the “downtown” in the background is perfect. And it looks like the lake (a mirror?) has frozen over and the light from the barn window is reflecting off the ice. Your village isn’t just sitting there; it’s telling a story! Great stuff! Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope she feels better soon. There were a few walking wounded at the celebration I attended, too.


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