I Found The Snow

Last month I was asking where all the snow was, but I can tell you now that I have found it. For the fourth time in a little over a week the kids are missing school. My son is so sad, I’m sure he will be crying all day – NOT. But I might be… just kidding. No time to cry – must shovel!
We are not setting any records (except maybe the one for the most snow in the month of January) and usually get a bunch of snow where I live, but we are just getting it all at once.

So this morning when I went out to shovel out the bird eating stations and took a few photos. I think we are likely to get around 6 inches today. My car is in the shop so I won’t have to clean that off! Nice..! Of course I will have to pay the bill to have my brakes fixed.

If you are in New England, I hope you are enjoying the white stuff and are getting ready for that arctic chill coming this weekend when the temps will be well below zero.

snow in backyard

It's Piling Up

I hate when the snow is as high as the deck. It makes getting it off much more difficult. As you can see, I will have a bunch to shovel once that roof lets go. And that is some heavy stuff.
The cat caught a blue jay the other day and I think he must have done so while hiding in one of the snow paths that lead to the bird feeding areas. The other cat, Fontana, mostly stays inside.

icy overhang

When will it fall?

can in snow

Richie hoping to make a kill

2 thoughts on “I Found The Snow

  1. Swisstoons

    Is it just the angle from which the photo was taken, or does your place have an unusually flat roof? Is there any way to get up there and shovel the thing off? You’re right, that does seem like a heavy load! We, here in lower Michigan, have escaped most of the serious snowfall so far this winter…but I don’t think we will escape the Arctic chill headed east. Looks like Chicago has minus 4 at the moment with a windchill of minus 20. Just checked, and Detroit is currently a balmy 10 above (windchill: minus 8).


    1. seashellsbymillhill

      I think the roof here is quite flat and that is the problem. Even with the metal roof, it takes a while for the snow to slide off. From what I understand this duplex was built as a rental property and I’m thinking it was “cheaply” done because of it. Fortunately the snow on the front of my side has already come down. Stay warm Tom!


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