More Info on The Girl Scout Camp

tent city at camp chenoa

"Tent City" at Camp Chenoa

I have posted some photos of the girl scout camp near my place (all photos were taken in the off season) and the following is from a reader of this blog who works at the Camp Chenoa girl scout camp during summers in Antrim, NH. Thought I’d post it for anyone wanting more info.
She says:
“Tent City is used for administration staff, like the nurse and the rock wall supervisor. I was a CIT/Camp counselor at Chenoa this past summer, and I’ve spent entire summers there for 5 years. Currently i’m about to turn 18, but ladies, its still amazing when you an older teenager as well as a younger child. Girls go between ages 6/7(The Itty Bitties) And 17 if they decide to be a CIT or Dream Worker. It’s an amazing place to send your children if you aren’t close enough to Chenoa’s sister camp Farnsworth. I highly suggest this camp to parents who have adventurous children! Even children who are excited in making friends! There are so many activities and fun things to do, and the counselors are very funny. Pickles is my camp name! If your daughter is interested, look Chenoa or Farnsworth up and sign up! There are three sessions, 2 weeks long at a time! Your daughter can spend a week, or 2 weeks there in cabins, and camping out at the various camp sites around the camp itself such as The Point and The Treehouses!”

Camp Chenoa wraps around a large section of Gregg Lake and is located in a beautiful area of New Hampshire. At the other end of the lake is the Gregg Lake beach area and this is a photo from the summer of 2010. The camp is located in those woods on the right in this photo. Read more about the camp at their site Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains.

lake and raft at Gregg lake, NH

Gregg Lake Swimming Area, Summer 2010

3 thoughts on “More Info on The Girl Scout Camp

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  2. Swisstoons

    There are parts of Michigan that may look as nice and inviting as Gregg Lake…but most of them are “up North”…waaay up North, unfortunately. How great it must be to live amid those thickly forrested hills and within walking distance of a beautiful body of water like the lake in that photo! I wonder, is there a connection between the family of soon-to-retire Sen. Judd Gregg and Gregg Lake?


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