Antrim’s Home and Harvest Day Parade

Official seal of Antrim, New Hampshire

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Last weekend we attended the home town fun in Antrim, New Hampshire. The weather was nice, even a bit cool when the sun went behind the many clouds, but that made the day very comfortable.

Fire trucks in a parade

The Parade Begins

I went downtown with my daughter and her boyfriend and his daughter and my youngest son. We parked by the schools and walked down into town where the sidewalks were crowded with people waiting for the parade to begin.

I love parades, even very small ones like this one. We saw some kids in the high school band that we knew and all the people on the floats threw candy to us and I never realized that Antrim had so many fire trucks!

I have more photos but don’t have the time right now to add them all so I will later on this week – hopefully.

I’ve only lived in Antrim for a little over 5 years, but I am impressed with all the activities and the dedicated natives who take pride in their home town.

Antrim, NH town hall

Antrim's Town Hall

2 thoughts on “Antrim’s Home and Harvest Day Parade

  1. Swisstoons

    I love small towns. I love history…and history seem to hang around a lot longer in small towns than in large ones. Big cities have a tendency to replace historic things with plaques telling us what once stood where the plaque now resides. In small towns, you can touch a building (or a big oak tree…or a boulder…) and feel the connection with the past.


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