Veggies and Simple Dip

vegetable party platter

This is the way to eat!

I made this veggie platter to take to a neighbor’s 50th birthday party. It looked so pretty that I got a photo and thought I’d share my dip recipe.

Here it is:
Buy a container of whipped cream cheese and chives. Stir in a few big spoonfuls of sour cream and some onion powder and/or garlic powder. That’s it!

Pretty tasty.

My thoughts these days:  In fact I would now use plain yogurt in place of the sour cream.  I am getting away from eating dairy and Greek yogurt is a better choice.  And goat’s milk yogurt is even better.

And don’t worry about finding non-fat.  The type of fat in yogurt is not all that bad for you.  I look at it this way, avoid the things that are really bad and fattening, and include the fat in foods that are basically good, like yogurt.  My homeopathic doctor taught me this philosophy and it makes sense.  I also buy mostly organic veggies these days.  I try to grow my own if possible, but with a short growing season here in the northeast, I eat my own crops for only a few months.  In fact I can grow everything shown on this vegetable platter, except the broccoli.  I’ve never tried to grow it.  My carrots do not grow nice and big, but they are edible.  Summer squash and zucchini is super easy to grow, as are the cherry, or grape, tomatoes and celery.

4 thoughts on “Veggies and Simple Dip

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  2. Swisstoons

    Yet another example of your excellent sense of design! Those colorful vegetables…and the way the shadows fall on that cool mound of whipped cream cheese and sour cream make this platter irresistible. I’d like this whole beautiful arrangement for breakfast right now! I’ll take it just like it is. (I wonder if substituting fatfree cream cheese and yogurt would work as well. Naaaaah. Don’t mess with perfection!)


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