Summer Planting In A Rental

summer flower pot

Summer Starts

I bought my geraniums – a pink one and a red one; planted my pansy’s and tomatoes and cukes.

In fact my garden planting is just about done. It’s pretty small and holds three tomato plants and two hills of cukes. I am trying to grow some summer squash from seeds and have a few strawberry plants.

The cosmos from last year have self-seeded and I threw down some of my saved seeds so I should have a good bunch of them growing.

I don’t do too much since the yard belongs to my landlord. Even though it’s in my blood to plant and garden, my heart is just not in it.

I used to love riding around and seeing what types of flowers and shrubs my neighbors were growing and visit the area garden shops searching for a new perennial addition to my yard.

Now I pay little attention to what homeowners do.

If you rent too, and feel like I do, just grow what you like. I am fortunate enough to have a deck and I plan to fill it will herbs for cooking and drying and maybe a few of my favorite flowers.

Pansy dog planter

Old gift from my daughter

My daughter gave me this little puppy dog planter years ago for either my birthday or Mother’s Day. It’s not easy to get something to grow in such a shallow holder without drainage. So far, the Pansies are doing okay and it brightens my deck.


I planted a peony last year and it has a couple of flowers coming – they are my favorites – so the investment was worth it to me.

I feel like it’s here for me to enjoy for as long as I’m here, and when (and if) I leave, I have made this spot a bit prettier for whoever lives here next.


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