Red Barn in Winter

A couple of years ago we rented a house just outside of Concord, NH and in winter I had a partial view of this barn out behind my house.

Red Barn Postcard postcard

I love to hike in the winter even though it’s a bit tricky when not following a trail or road, because you never know what lies beneath the deep snow. But the leafless trees give great views to places otherwise unseen.
I ventured out into the woods and navigated the little stream to get this shot of the red barn. It seemed like the perfect country winter photo to me.

4 thoughts on “Red Barn in Winter

  1. Mountain Woman

    What a lovely shot. I too enjoy hiking in winter. Last winter was my first year on snowshoes and it was so much fun. There’s nothing more beautiful than a New England winter.


  2. Thomas

    I love this picture. There’s nothing more pastoral than the sight of a nice red barn. It makes me dream about moving to the countryside.


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