Thankful Every Day

horse drawn carriage

The Neighbors Take a Surry Ride

After losing much over the past 3 years, I have learned to be constantly thankful for what I have. Each day I am thankful for:

    *Being able to get out of bed because my body works!
    *My eyesight, good hearing and a lucid mind (for the most part, it works pretty well!)
    *My children – I’ve always been amazed that I have such great kids
    *Enough money to live on – I am not hungry and have plenty of clean water to drink
    *A car that runs and money to put gas in it
    *Decent housing and a fabulous landlord, which means I won’t have to move again for a while
    *My camera and computer, so I can earn a living
    *Friends who care
    *The wonderful answer to prayer that I live where I live and am surrounded by such beauty each day.

And there is so much more.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day, whether you are alone or with a loving family, you too have much to be thankful for.

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