Demanding Squirrels, A Picture Story

My squirrels are crazy…and bold! Once all the seed they can steal from the birds is gone they come looking for more – even if it means coming inside!

squirrel on porch
Heading to the food source

squirrel at door
Hello..I need more seeds…

Don’t worry honey, I’ll find a way in..(his wife is in the background)

I see how this door opens…

I sit next to the slider most of the day while working on my laptop at the kitchen table 
and when I hear the scratching at the door this is what I see.

Maybe I could train them to fill the feeders for me.

One thought on “Demanding Squirrels, A Picture Story

  1. Kathryn

    Our squirrels are not so bold around people, most of them. But they’ve gotten very used to the deck where i put their food. Had one climb the screen all the way to the top yesterday. Don’t know what he had planned. Of course, the cats go nuts. They do all kinds of acrobatics trying to get the squirrles thru the glass. Squirrels mostly ignore them now.

    Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. 🙂


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