Geese Lessons

I was reminded today, while reading a blog I visit often, of my visit to the lake one day last month. I often take walks to renew my spirit and that day I was feeling really low. I stood watching the geese feed in the shallow water in small groups. And I was thinking that even they have family and are not alone. Then I pictured them all gone – except for one – what if a goose was by itself? Well, I suppose it would keep doing just what it was doing. Eating and swimming. It would have to live – so it would have no choice. Would it be afraid? Hopeful that his companions would return? I don’t know. But I took comfort in the fact that the goose would keep living – because it is what we do. We might not be feeling very fortunate

Family of 8 crosses the road

Family of 8 crosses the road

, but each day we are given is a day we were meant to have.

I read at Flandrum Hill’s blog, a wonderful post about the geese. They don’t leave each other behind, in fact they make sure that all geese get to their destination. How awesome is that? People are not that kind. I have not been surrounded by the kind of care the geese give each other, but I am hopeful. This day I am still here. So I look for the blessings, and there are always many, no matter how bad things seem or how alone I feel.

2 thoughts on “Geese Lessons

  1. flandrumhill

    What a sweet photograph. I’ve never seen young geese up close like that. They look so lanky. They are truly beautiful birds. The care wild creatures give each other often puts humans to shame. If you keep looking for the blessings, you will find them. Press on 🙂


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