What kind of Seed/ Nut is This?

Beech nut?

Beech nut?

I am showing my stupidity here…but haven’t lived in the northeast long enough to learn all my tree names. I found a bunch of these “nut shells” on my neighbor’s property when I went to feed their chickens while they were away. I forgot to ask what they were, so I’ll ask here.

Since Beech trees are abundant, I thought maybe a Beech nut although I don’t know what those are. Then I remembered back to when I used to hike to Mill Hill in my childhood and there was a lone chestnut tree up there and thought maybe this was a chestnut shell – I saw no sign of any chestnuts near these pods though.

Empty Shell of a- Chestnut?

Empty Shell of a- Chestnut?

I thought I’d get a photo of them just for fun. I suppose some animal had eaten what was once inside.

6 thoughts on “What kind of Seed/ Nut is This?

  1. Kathryn

    I could be wrong, but i think these are horse chestnuts. It has been a long time since i lived in an area that has these. Chestnuts can be eaten, if properly prepared, but horse chestnuts are poisonous to humans. Google it anyway to check it out.

    Oops, looks like i’m wrong. I think you’re correct & they probably are chestnuts.

    BTW, i don’t know how you found my blog, but i’m so glad you did! That way i found your blog & i love it. Gorgeous photography. 🙂


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