Late Fall Photography


Trail to the cabins

The leaves have all turned to gold and brown now in southern New Hampshire. I had been wanting to hike out on the Girl Scout Camp property and get a shot of this dried up lake view.

Cabin in the woods

Cabin in the Woods

This is one of the cabins where the girls hang out. I don’t know if they actually sleep out in this part of the camp – it is way out in the middle of nowhere – and I would think it would be a bit creepy at night, but there are signs of a campfire and someone carved a chair into the remaining trunk of a fallen tree.

Late Autumn View

Late Autumn View

The carved “log chair” faces this view.

2 thoughts on “Late Fall Photography

  1. Kary Gonyer

    I just found you today through Thomas at a Growing Tradition….whom I love btw. And when your header came up I about wilted…where have you been ? I LOVE your blog. It is everything I LOVE !!!!Can’t wait to read more. Your photography is stunning, and that little camp house…charming….

    I live on the Central Coast of California, but am TRYING to pretend I live in NEW ENGLAND ….. my favorite place of all……

    I will be back very soon.

    More later,


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