Sunrise Pink Sky Photos

On my way back into the house from starting the car this morning, I noticed the sky. As I went in through the slider, my son said “Wow, come look at the sky”.

I told him I’d try to get a photo, but we had to hurry because a pretty sunrise can be gone in an instant. He got his camera and the two of us stood on the deck and got some photos.  

A marvelous gift on the first day of Fall.

Then it was off to the bus stop, which is down by the lake – where I thought the sky would be spectacular. Instead a large dark cloud was moving in over the water and blocking out most of the sky.

Sunrise -Sept.22, 2009

Sunrise -Sept.22, 2009

Morning gift

Morning gift

One thought on “Sunrise Pink Sky Photos

  1. MountainWoman

    I’ve been reading all your posts and they are all incredible. Your photos are breathtaking.
    We’ve been having the pink sunrise every morning. It’s so fleeting though and then gives way to gray days. It makes it more special in some ways. It’s something I hope everyone gets to experience.


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