Now I Need a Wood Stove

In May I found a guy who charged only $170 for a cord of “green” wood to be delivered so I ordered some. It will have to sit and dry out (fat chance with all this rain we’ve been getting) during the summer and hopefully will be ready to burn by winter.

Wood Delivery

Wood Delivery

I didn’t grow up with a wood stove, but we did have two fireplaces and I don’t know how much my parents paid for heat, but I remember always being cold as a kid.

This past winter I paid almost $1800 for oil to heat my small house and I kept the thermostat set at 64 most of the time. I also suffered through 8 days without any heat at all in December when a horrific ice storm came through. Thanks to my nice landlord and neighbors who had wood stoves, I was able to sleep on couches and heat canned soup up on the top of their stoves. I had just moved into my place in September and hadn’t had a chance to think about getting a wood stove- so of course that was when I needed it most.

Stacking on Pallets

Stacking on Pallets

I’m thinking that it’s a good thing I bought it early because most of the month of June has been too rainy to move the wood to the piles I had started. I’m hoping for sun soon to dry it out.

And now I just need to find a stove.

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