brioche knitting attempt hat in the round

Sorry, Giving Up on Knitting Brioche

I began writing this post in the hope of being able to easily explain how to knit brioche. It turns out that I simply can’t do it. This project was ripped out, but I do have some good notes, and videos, to reference for anyone trying to knit brioche in the round. Where’s the Brioche […]

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Pinky Winky hydrangea flowers

Knitting the Typha Cowl in Shades of Pink

Finished knitting the Typha cowl. I had trouble figuring the gauge for this because I was not very experienced, but I should have gone up at least one size in needles. I am knitting a cowl in shades of pink – the finished photo above most closely matches the actual colors.   This pattern comes […]

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Knitting Cowls or Infinity Scarves

I’ve only made two cowls in my life, and only recently became interested in them. They are often called “infinity scarves” as they are usually knit on a circular needle, in the round, like a hat, but on longer needles. Long scarves were my preferred item when I was beginning to knit because they gave […]

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