Patterns and Yarn, Hits and Misses So Far in 2020

First the Hits – Love These Patterns Enough To Knit Them Again! Notice that these are hats, which I have always loved best. Even though all three hats pictured here came out large, I had loads of fun knitting them, and am pleased with the outcome. Colorwork and cables are becoming fast favorites of mine. […]

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Katie's kept tan corrugated rib colorwork knitting

How to Knit Corrugated Ribbing For Colorwork Hats

The last few hats I have knit have had brims with corrugated ribbing. You can see it on this page in the Katie’s Kep and Tettegouche (links to pattern below too). This type of rib is worked as a purl 2, knit 2 around, switching colors between the knits and purls. It is often used […]

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finished watchcap hand knit

Washable Watch Cap Knit Inside-out

A watch cap is pretty simple to make, and can be quite boring once the casing on is done. Any knit one, purl one, pattern can take ages to finish. But it is good and easy enough for evening knitting, when no pattern has to be followed … and I could be drinking wine. Sometimes […]

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Three little hand-knit baby hats

Three Little Baby Hats and Basics of Creating

My best friend has recently become a Grandma for the first time. Now I am the only one of “us” who does not have that title. I have the most children, but may never have grand babies. Who knows? I can’t blame people for not wanting to raise kids in this world. Lots of young […]

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Curly Snowflake hat with pompom

Curly Norwegian Snowflake Hat In Worsted Wool

After knitting the Skiff beanie pattern, I decided to knit the same pattern in the Watchcap style. I asked my daughter if she liked the style, since it would be for her, I wanted color input. She then was happy to give me some color ideas which ranged from “speckled white” to “gray blue”. She […]

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