Floral cuff mitten knitting

Mitten Knitting Practice With Milet Pattern

As soon as I saw the Milet mitten pattern, I knew I would try knitting it one day. The suggested yarn, Rauma Finull, is a wool yarn that I have never used. Come to find out an online store (The Woolly Thistle), which I’d been checking out, sells that type of yarn, which comes from […]

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Finull and Tuku wool

Got My First Yarn Order From The Woolly Thistle

While browsing knitting patterns on Ravelry, I found a pair of mittens that caught my eye. I live in Florida, so why am I interested in mittens you ask? I can’t wear much of anything I knit, so why not mittens? The pattern that I want to make is called Milet and has a double […]

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Moose hat

Frogging the Moose Hat

Frogging is a knitting term meaning “ripping out”. I have tried to knit this Moose hat twice with different colors of yarn (link to pattern below). First I knit a yellow beginning row then brown for the brim. I tore that out. The pattern sample hat is white with two contrast colors, but I didn’t […]

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bright orange blue cotton knitting yarn

Starting on My Make Nine Challenge

The Make Nine Challenge is something I saw on Instagram and found more about on this article at Home Row Fiber. Choose nine things to accomplish in the year 2020 that have to do with crafting. Mine will all have to do with knitting, but some people sew or crochet so mixing it up is […]

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Star on top hat knit in worsted yarn

Knitting My Star-topped Hat

I’ve been trying to knit a simple hat for my son, but both times I began recent hats I ran out of yarn for the cast-on! I’m doing the German Twisted cast-on (I have linked to the YouTube video below) and it tends to use more yarn than I measure out for the Long tail […]

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