black cat, knitting basket, fontana

Knitting Setbacks and Frustrations

As is true with anything in life, our hobbies can sometimes be frustrating. Just when I think I am doing pretty well on my knitting journey, I get some setbacks that tell me otherwise. This is all part of the learning process so I try to take it with a grain of salt and trudge […]

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Winter In Florida, Wearing My Wool!

On a recent morning my i-phone said it was 42 degrees, I dug out my hand-knit woolies and went outside to feed the birds! It was the perfect time to get some “real life” photos of me wearing a sweater, hat and mittens! This is a cold temperature for Florida, but it’s been worse. I’ve […]

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Slouchy hat knitting is done

Slouchy Hat Knitting Patterns

Like most knitters, I always have more than one project going at a time. For me, the more challenging projects, which take concentration, must be worked early in the day. By evening, the light is not great, and I am tired, but I still need something to keep my hands busy while watching television. My […]

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Wording on my thrummed mittens

Knitting Thrummed Mittens With Bulky Yarn

Now that I have my yarn (Alafosslopi) and my roving I will be casting on to knit my first pair of thrummed mittens. I’ve been researching how to do this. On top of needing a thrum-making tutorial, I want to knit mittens with the side gore / gusset / and NOT an afterthought thumb. This […]

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Meadow Moon is My First Jennifer Steingass Pattern

A while ago I decided to make 2021 a year for knitting sweaters. Now we’ve entered 2022 and I am finishing up my projects on the needles. I’ve seen the Jennifer Steingass patterns around and love many of them. Her Ravelry store is Knit.Love.Wool and her sweaters have colorwork yokes, cuffs, and bottom hems. Many […]

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