Wound Up Fiber Arts sock yarn hand-spun

Grab That Hand-spun Yarn If You Can Find It

What is hand-spun yarn? I’ve wondered about this for a while now. But the answer seems to be simple. Yarn which is spun by hand, by a person and not a machine is labeled “hand spun”. Learning about the different types, weights, plys, fibers, and dyes of yarn can be intimidating. I don’t have any […]

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Free and Fast Knits for Christmas Gifts: Scarves in Worsted

This page contains a list of free knitting (and some crocheting) patterns for scarves and cowls that will knit up quickly in worsted or bulky yarn. *Please note these items were free when this page was created, and that could change. Christmas Gift Knitting If you are like me and the majority of the population, […]

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Turtle Dove hand-knit sweater in Quarry

Loads of Wonderful Free Patterns by Espace Tricot

As I was searching for help knitting the Turtle Dove pullover, I discovered that the designer, Espace Tricot, offers all their pattern for free! Who doesn’t love free? You may have to be a Ravelry member, and signed in, to see these links fully. As I mentioned, I am knitting the Turtle Dove sweater – […]

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getting the shot newly knit cabled beanie

Knitting “Habitat” Hat With Cables in Hunter Orange

Last year I searched for a hunter orange yarn so I could knit hats for my kids who live in New Hampshire. Whenever hunting season is open – and it is regularly open year round for various animals in NH – walkers, hikers, bikers and anyone who ventures into the wilderness needs to wear hunter […]

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