Trying My Hand at Knitting a Shawl


“Sock yarn” is really pretty, but I’ve never knit a pair of socks. Many knitters use it to create beautiful shawls, so I am trying my hand at shawl knitting.

Since I live in Florida, when will I ever wear a shawl? Possibly walking the beach in winter … or else I’ll take it with me to New Hampshire on a visit. It’s quite possible that I will knit a wardrobe that can only be used one week a year!

Oh well, I love knitting.

This shawl is called the No Fuss Shade-Loving Shawl and the Free Pattern (not mine) is available for download at Ravelry.

The stitches are easy enough, with a written pattern that is easy to follow.  The stitches you need to know are knit, purl, yarn-over and knit-2-together.  Not too tough.  As a beginner knitter (or someone with poor eyesight), you may want to choose a light color yarn which makes the stitches easier to see.

knitting a shawl
Began with “Arch”, which was too gray for me, so I switched to “Ceilo y tierra”

I began it using sock yarn by Madeline Tosh in color “Arch” which is dark gray-black with some blue.   You can see it in the photo above at the top of the shawl.  It was too dark for my liking. I had a similar weight yarn, by Malabrigo, in color “cielo y tierra” which is more brown, but still had the blue.  The last color I used for the edging, which is done in seed stitch, was Malabrigo mechita in “Marte”, which I loved.

I knit a few rows alternating the yarns to make the change over, and then I knitted to about the edging rows and changed yarn once again.   I like the feel of the Malabrigo yarn, so I am now using the color “Marte” which has some bright rust-orange.

I have joined Ravelry, which I have enjoyed until recently (I have since been disappointed by their policy which calls all supporters of the POTUS as bigots and racists).

I’m not an experienced knitter, so buying a pattern is a bit scary. Also, I can’t easily understand a chart. I like directions written out. Once I feel more comfortable using all those increase and decrease stitches, I will look for something more advanced. I have no problem paying for a pattern. People work hard to create them. I just don’t want to waste money on something that ends up frustrating me.  I need more practice.

I’ll post a photo once it’s finished……… And now it’s done! …….. I consider myself a beginner knitter, maybe even an intermediate. I can’t read a graph pattern, only written ones. This shawl was easy and fun to knit, and the only problems I had was with my own mistakes.

I would recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to try a shawl, and it’s perfect for beginners who need practice. It even begins easily and not with that strange way some shawls begin. I loved the Malabrigo Marte yarn which I used for the last rows / border.

Will continue with the pattern longer next time before doing the border. The shawl is a bit small for me.

shawl knitting pattern
Finished “Shade-loving shawl”

4 thoughts on “Trying My Hand at Knitting a Shawl

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