Trying My Hand at Knitting a Shawl

no fuss shade loving shawl

“Sock yarn” is really pretty, but I’ve never knit a pair of socks. Many knitters use it to create beautiful shawls, so I am trying my hand at shawl knitting.

Since I live in Florida, when will I ever wear a shawl? Possibly walking the beach in winter … or else I’ll take it with me to New Hampshire on a visit. It’s quite possible that I will knit a wardrobe that can only be used one week a year!

Oh well, I love knitting.

This shawl is called the No Fuss Shade-Loving Shawl and the Free Pattern (not mine) is available for download at Ravelry.

The stitches are easy enough, with a written pattern that is easy to follow.  The stitches you need to know are knit, purl, yarn-over and knit-2-together.  Not too tough.  As a beginner knitter (or someone with poor eyesight), you may want to choose a light color yarn which makes the stitches easier to see.

knitting a shawl
Began with “Arch”, which was too gray for me, so I switched to “Ceilo y tierra”

I began it using sock yarn by Madeline Tosh in color “Arch” which is dark gray-black with some blue.   You can see it in the photo above at the top of the shawl.  It was too dark for my liking. I had a similar weight yarn, by Malabrigo, in color “cielo y tierra” which is more brown, but still had the blue.  The last color I used for the edging, which is done in seed stitch, was Malabrigo mechita in “Marte”, which I loved.

I knit a few rows alternating the yarns to make the change over, and then I knitted to about the edging rows and changed yarn once again.   I like the feel of the Malabrigo yarn, so I am now using the color “Marte” which has some bright rust-orange.

I have joined Ravelry, which I have enjoyed until recently (I have since been disappointed by their policy which calls all supporters of the POTUS as bigots and racists).

I’m not an experienced knitter, so buying a pattern is a bit scary. Also, I can’t easily understand a chart. I like directions written out. Once I feel more comfortable using all those increase and decrease stitches, I will look for something more advanced. I have no problem paying for a pattern. People work hard to create them. I just don’t want to waste money on something that ends up frustrating me.  I need more practice.

I’ll post a photo once it’s finished……… And now it’s done! …….. I consider myself a beginner knitter, maybe even an intermediate. I can’t read a graph pattern, only written ones. This shawl was easy and fun to knit, and the only problems I had was with my own mistakes.

I would recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to try a shawl, and it’s perfect for beginners who need practice. It even begins easily and not with that strange way some shawls begin. I loved the Malabrigo Marte yarn which I used for the last rows / border.

Will continue with the pattern longer next time before doing the border. The shawl is a bit small for me.

shawl knitting pattern
Finished “Shade-loving shawl”

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8 thoughts on “Trying My Hand at Knitting a Shawl

  1. Mary Kasper

    I just finished my 2nd shade loving shawl and I am hooked!! I tried sending a photo to Ms Ashcroft but the address did not work. Thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern!!! Bless your heart!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mary

    Oh my … I have been knitting on and off for years, but I think I am most proud of this shawl!! You are so right… easy and fun to do. No stress. I just finished it and I can’t wait to wear it. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pattern and great directions. I plan to make another one, for sure!,


  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for mentioning Ravelry’s negative statements toward POTUS supporters. So sad that the tolerant party has chosen to be so intolerant.


    1. Pam

      It’s unfortunate that politics has to be brought into such a fun place for crafters. Ravelry has so much good, that I simply must ignore the prejudice toward anyone and everyone who supports the leader of our country, and carry on knitting. Thanks for your comment.


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