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It’s All at Our Fingertips

I now have an iPhone.  It’s pretty easy to use since I’ve had a Mac desktop computer for a year now.  I’m not exactly young, and all this technology stuff will always feel foreign to me, I’m afraid.  If you are over 50 you know what I mean.

Although I work online, and can understand the online world much better than I did a few years ago, it will never feel exactly right to me.

As a young person I would have loved to have all this access to information.  I appreciate it now too, but back when I was a kid, if our parents, siblings, friends, books, or television didn’t explain it, we simple didn’t know it.  Whatever ‘it’ was.  Now everything is just a search away.

Because of my need to work, and the fact that I sort of stumbled into my online job, I have had to learn how to promote and interact online.  I tweet, use Pinterest and have a FaceBook store page.  And I love being able to earn a living from my home office.

And now I am on Instagram.  It’s one of the reasons I wanted to upgrade from my old flip phone.  I wanted the ability to take photos at any time, which I can do with my new phone, and share them.  I’ve only added a few pictures to Instagram so far, and I’m still getting the hang of it.  All these online social media sites are like visiting a new planet.  Each has it’s own way of doing things and there is always a learning curve – for me anyway.

My new phone can do a ton of things, most of which I haven’t realized yet.  Eventually I do catch on, and realize the magic of having all that help and information at my fingertips.

This new world which is full of technology, demands that we keep up.  It moves ahead very quickly, so don’t be left behind.  It opens doors to vast new landscapes, even if the landscapes seem to be on another planet.

(Photo credit: Unsplash at Pixabay)

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