Saying Good-Bye to New England


Saying Good-bye to New England

I grew up in New England.  I moved back for eleven years, and recently I moved away again.  I started this blog to share my adventures in the northeastern US, but alas, I didn’t have many fun adventures.

I moved 5 times, and dealt with a lot of unexpected difficulties during my time in the north.  I only stayed as long as I did to see my son graduate from high school.

The truth was that I was too poor to do much of anything while I lived in New Hampshire.  I could hike – which is free – but I had no friends living near me.  My daughter and I used to hike, but then she got sick.  (She is better now.)  She also works a regular, full-time job, like many people, and was busy on her days off.  I don’t like to hike alone.

Picking blueberries along Gregg Lake was also one of my yearly traditions.  I moved too soon to enjoy that this year.

I work from home, so my hours are flexible, but there was little reason to take time off.  I would have loved to vacation on a lake each summer and have the kids join me.  We did that once in the 11 years and it was wonderful.

I love New England, but it has become a place for the wealthy to live.  Or at least the ones who are wealthier than me.  I certainly enjoyed my summer gardening and the fresh, clean air that is always available.  But I did not appreciate the unpredictable winters and heating oil bills.  Taking care of a house all by myself had become quite a chore as well.

When things are not working, they must change.  So I made the change.  I no longer live in my beloved northeast, so writing a blog about the area makes little sense.  Now it’s time to get back to living life instead of watching everyone else live it.

My focus will now be on my Florida blog: Seashells by Millhill.  Pop on over there if you care to read more of my posts.

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