How to Make Dandelion Tea 3 ways (Dedicated to Earth Day)

Ever since I discovered I had kidney disease I am always on the lookout for anything that will help make me healthier. This is a great post about using dandelions as tea and especially the roots which help with kidney function.

Om girls Guide


In lieu of Earth day I am bringing you an article about gardening.  Well, not really.  I don’t have a garden.  But I do have a yard with a ton of dandelions in it!  Okay, so its not really my yard…its my neighbors yard, and she was happy enough to let me dig up some of these detox powerhouses.  I would have used my yard, which is right next door, but unfortunately my flowers are filled with dog pee.  (Thanks dogs! LOL)  Some people may despise them as a weed, but honestly nothing makes me happier then sitting in a green field speckled with yellow flowers.  Dandelions are completely edible.  From the yellow flower to the root.  It is mother nature’s way of saying its time to spring clean…your body.

Before using any part of the dandelion, please make sure to wash it off well, and don’t be afraid of any bugs that might be on…

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