More Snow Than I’ve Seen At One Time

Snow shovel storm

NEMO Blizzard in Feb. 2013

The snowstorm we got on February 9th dropped about 30 inches of snow in my area of New Hampshire. That is a lot of snow.
It was hard to know where to begin with the shoveling. It was fluffy snow, so not hard to move, but there was just so much. The ground had been bare in places so this pile up was all at once.
Then my plow guy called and said that his truck had broken down. Things like that really seem so normal for my life that I wasn’t really surprised, and I found someone else to come plow. I had kept the name handy just in case, and I’m glad I did.
The next day my old plow guy came with a snowblower and cleaned out the mailbox and fire hydrant that is right in front of my house. There was no way I could have dug that stuff out. I am considering buying a snowblower for myself.

That was a few weeks ago and now it’s melted some. The good that came from it was that I had to put my new roof rake together and try it out. It worked great and I highly recommend using one for big storms.

snowstorm mailbox

Forget about mail delivery

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