Dreary November

Leafless tree branches in winter

I usually begin a post with one of my personal pictures, but this time of year never gives me much reason to take any. This leafless tree is the closest I can come.

This is the brown, dead, cold season. No snow to cover the ugliness. The dead leaves from the entire neighborhood seem to keep blowing down into my yard, but at least they cover the non-grassy lawn I have.
The sun seems to barely come up and doesn’t make it above the treeline the entire day. It’s gone by around 4:30 now so the days are quite short.

I haven’t started my wood stove yet just because I’ve been too lazy. I am not the one who is cold and I like to save the wood for emergencies like ice storms, but I will be burning as soon as the temps drop more than they have.

In fact this weekend and into next week we will get a warm up. I hear we will have 50’s! So on drags the gloomy month of November and probably December will bring some snow to at least give us something pretty to look at.

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