Teens and Halloween

ghosts at Halloween

Boo! to All

Halloween is a fun time for kids.  Everyone loves to dress up, and many adults attend parties where costumes make the event exciting.

But when the kids reach the teen years trick-or-treating becomes a problem.  Kids in their early teens are just big kids for the most part and I always found it hard to tell them they were too big to go out and collect candy.  If there are younger kids in the family it might seem unfair to them.

Instead of trick-or-treating have the teenager(s) stay home an pass out candy to the neighborhood kids, or send them to a Halloween party, or have one yourself (brave soul).

Most people who see “big kids” out on Halloween immediately assume that those kids are looking for trouble.  Some are, but many just want to get one last year in as a trick-or-treater.

For many years my kids enjoyed these Easy, No Bake, Ghost Cookies which are simply Nutter Butter cookies covered with melted, white chocolate.  If you are short on time and need holiday cookies, try making them.

2 thoughts on “Teens and Halloween

  1. swisstoons

    Right next to the bowlful of mini-Snickers and Three Musketeers, I have a punchbowl filled with vodka martini. If the kids are over 21, I put a ladleful in their respective trick or treat bags and toss in a couple of anchovy olives. Just kidding. Fortunately, I live in an apartment building and don’t have to deal with it. I polish off the bowlful of Halloween martinis by myself. But I think those Ghost Cookies might go good with them, so I am headed over to take a look. 🙂


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