Where Would You Take Your Kids in NH?

Cog railroad and mountains

Cog Railway cars at the top of Mt. Washington, NH.

I am working on an article at the Wizzley site where I occasionally write and there is a new contest coming up with the theme: “Things to Do With Kids”… and I chose “in New Hampshire”.

I have not lived here very long, and most of those years were not the type of years I could spend vacationing and taking my kids places.    I plan to include the science centers – and a few of them I’ve actually been to, Ruggles Mine, lake cruises, hiking and the Cog railway, but if any readers know of any great places to take kids in NH, please let me know.


(This is my photo taken this summer.  And to think we almost didn’t ride the Cog because of the threat of bad weather!  Look at that view!)

6 thoughts on “Where Would You Take Your Kids in NH?

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  2. Nourishing Words

    Check out the Lost River reservation — I think it’s in Woodstock, New Hampshire? A beautiful, fun walk down into the deep granite ravine carved by the river, which actually becomes lost under the rock in many places. It’s hard to describe but it’s beautiful as a natural area and also fun for kids, with caves and plenty to do. Good luck with your article!


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